Krzysztof Wasko is a painter, graduated with MFA from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, Poland.

He strongly believe that the viewer does not have to possess extensive art education in order to understand, interact and express themselves through art.

Wasko’s art often express the complexity of the human condition. His work penetrates and investigates the mysteriousness of human nature. In their work they provide brave examination and analysis of psychological as well physical human needs. Other times they physically record ordinary events of our present time and ordinary people participating in this life, expressing experience of living in the city.

Every human being has a deep need for self-expression, and the arts are a natural outlet for finding one’s creative voice. As our society tends to judge the final projects of art making, the whole creative process is not fully appreciated. Not everybody can be a famous artist featured in high-profile galleries and museums; but all human beings can benefit from sharing the creative process of art making. Krzysztof  believes that every human being should have opportunity to experience the creative process in which the transformation of idea into physical object opens new perspectives in learning process. The manipulation of the physical materials and experience of its limitations in expressing human’s ideas develop problem solving skills as well as it teaches humans greater flexibility to adjust their visions. Those specific skills are impossible to learn from the books, but are achievable throughout direct experience.


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